Online Publications

Science Magazine:

Why dolphins are losing sleep off the coast of Hawaii

Science Notes:

Saving vulnerable giants

Mongabay & Mongabay News:

Will banning trade in fins help endangered sharks? Experts are divided (in collaboration with Ula Chrobak)

Elusive elephants: Determining where 19th century ivory trade victims roamed (also published in Pacific Standard)


University of California, San Francisco:

Solar eclipse eye safety Facebook video

Viewing the solar eclipse? Take precautions to avoid serious eye damage

UCSF advances Mount Sutro Plan to address drought damage, restore health of the Reserve

Google searches could help track cancer incidence, mortality

For the elderly, physical therapy can help straighten a hunched back


University of California, Santa Cruz:

Q&A with Claire Kremen, conservation biologist


Scientific American Guest Blog:

How One Turtle’s Tale Helps Promote Ocean Conservation

Mystery of the Red Tide


AGU’s GeoSpace:

Some corals and scallops better able to handle ocean acidification, study finds

Deposits discovered in Monterey Canyon’s mouth may cause marine landslides, study finds

New study differentiates between Utah’s natural and induced earthquakes



Why do Humpbacks Breach?


In Osa Conservation Journals (as part of the Sea Turtle Conservation Program):

La Vida en el Paraiso

The Future of Sea Turtles

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