I spent my childhood summers in Aleutian kayaks in the Pacific Northwest. Enveloped in salt and seaweed, I’d paddle among Douglas firs and orca whales.

As my admiration of travel grew, I fell in love with diverse cultures, exotic ecosystems and conservation. Seeing the fragility of rainforests and reefs firsthand has inspired me to learn more and spread the word on protecting our planet’s delicate, but resilient, landscapes.

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in ecology and evolutionary biology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, I began teaching families and children about our global impacts on animals and ecosystems at the New England Aquarium. I also worked as a wildlife biologist in Peru and Costa Rica. But I always loved writing most.

So in 2016, I left Boston and moved to a place akin to my childhood Northwest– the cool Central Coast of California. There, I completed UC Santa Cruz’s science communication Master’s program, writing stories and making videos for Science, Scientific American, Mongabay, and the San Jose Mercury News, among others. A current audience engagement editor at NOVA PBS, I hope to encourage science literacy, environmental stewardship––and some nerdiness––with every story, newsletter, headline or video I create.